FullMix. The name says it all.
More than a simple mix, it’s a complete experience, a total immersion in the universe of sound. It is the dedication of body and soul to the art of combining and transforming different elements into a unique, powerful and passionate work.

A history full of successes
We have worked on over 100 feature films by renowned Brazilian directors, several acclaimed TV series, and mixed soundtracks for international productions.
FullMix was founded in 2012 by Armando Torres Jr., who began his career in 2001 and mixed a large part of his portfolio at Álamo Studios and Mega Studios.
There have been many achievements and several important awards – which we won’t list here, but which are worth mentioning for the recognition they have received – until it was time to take it even further.

A whole road ahead
Since 2021, FullMix has been headquartered in its own independent building, with state-of-the-art studios and fully equipped to meet the most demanding markets, anywhere in the world, with the highest technical and artistic quality.